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Camp set up at Vallecito.  The top over the picnic table was originally a 10' x 20' I found out from the manufacture that I could order a 10' x 15' top and leave out section of the frame out, which works out pretty good.  The wing is in the folded down position as I made its rack where it could be folded down while not towing. You can see a 35 gallon tank I use to haul water while dry camping transferring water with a little 120 vote electric pump.  I also made the canvas peace on the front of the trailer for about 10% of what it would have cost to buy one, if I could have found one that is.
We do not like to fry cook in the trailer therefore I took a Coleman propane tree and re-did it so I can run a two burner stove, one large single burner for a big frypan or deep fryer  and still mount a Coleman mantle lantern on the top, all tied into a large butane tank rather than some small Coleman propane bottles
Generator rack is on removable dolly as you see it now but when traveling rack and generator ride in the trailer hitch receiver and the dolly comes off and is stored elsewhere, I usually use bungee cord hooks to secure it to the ladder on the back of the trailer.  I also have rigged up a 12 V plug-in on the pickup like that is on the trailer so I can use the generator for other things besides camping.
Just the few things I put together to make our camping experience much more fun and a lot easier.
Hunter thermostat & 100.0 amp meter. 
12 & 120 V meters
Onan control & isolation switchs
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I built this battery box because the two original plastic boxes were put together with 12 screws in each box so when I needed to check the battery acid levels I had 24 screws to take out to check the batteries.  Now all I have to do is unlatch two latches and I am at the batteries.

I changed from a Parallax 55 amp to an 80 amp Progressive Dynamics converter/charger.
I converted the old Parallax 55 amp converter/charger to a battery charger