You can go to "Our Home" if you care to see what else we have done with the place
A series of before, during and after, when I remodeled the double-sided fireplace.  One side in the living room and the other side in the dining room.
Master bathroom cabinets.  This is the only way I could take this shot without me being in the picture or flashing out in the mirror.  It has vanity lights and you can see the indirect fluorescence at the top.
35-year-old knotty pine bookcase I made with a hammer and handsaw.
We now have a built-in place to watch TV.
From the stove and stove hood and out, I am replacing all of the kitchen cabinets, same construction.
I built this island bar with drawers on both sides for canned goods and pots and pans so whenever we get old we won't have to reach back into cabinets.  Built out of oak with melamine drawers.
These used to be 2 Windows, I put a door in one and a bookcase cabinet in the other
Mary Ann's sewing corner.
Computer corner.  All cabinets are made with white melamine.
The door into the computer sewing room that I converted from the back porch.
Gizmos that I made for Mary Ann for our 50th and 55th wedding anniversaries. Embedded in each is a Penny on the date we were married and a Penny on the date of our 50th and 55th anniversary. I also make them for birthdays for our good Sam's chapter members.
Lazy Susan
Double-decker lazy Susan.
Spoon towel and potholder
Clock, barometer
and thermometer
Sewing chest.
Whirly bird
Sewing chest.
Mary Ann uses it for
crochet stuff.
Love clock
Desk set clock
Napkin holder
Mantel clock I made to supplement the love clock this year.
Christmas and other gifts that I've made over the years for family and friends.  I make them for all married couples.  We have five children, five grandchildren four of which are married plus friends.  So you do the math. 
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Other projects
Coat rack