The Wisteria in bloom two years ago now the coverage is so thick that without the leaves you can
just barely see the sky .  Picture taken 2004.
(Very Messy but very beautiful)
These are square-foot garden planters I built so when Mary Ann and I get old we don't have to worry about getting down on our knees to work the garden.  I made two forms which I reuse each time I add one.  With the six we have we can feed the whole block with veggies.
Shot from the southwest corner of the patio
Another westerly shot.
This shot is looking west, when I poured the patio I poured it in 4 foot squares so I could pour one at a time as the notion struck me.
This shot is looking north at the patio and arbor it also lets you see the size of the Wisteria vine (just one)
These are planters I made  Mary Ann for her herb garden.  I cast them pouring concrete in a mold that I made out of  3/4" plywood using 32 inch diameter pillar casting cardboard for the inside and the outside made of  plywood, bolted together.  Concrete covered with a tile fašade.
This is a shot of the patio showing the barbecue pit in the lower left-hand corner of the pic.
This is a shot from the back patio toward the garage and the fiver.
This started to be a back deck
the top step height but eventually it became an added room.
Front porch that was added about the third year.
Except for the garage, it was an empty 1/2 acre lot when we moved here.    We had a double wide set on a foundation to qualify for FHA for when and if we decide to sell it.  Everything that you see except for the garage and double wide we built.
Here are some snaps of our home in Bloomfield New Mexico where we have lived since 1990. We moved here because the company I was working for in JAL New Mexico downsized and transferred us here.
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The summer of 2010 I put a cover on the patio and removed the Wisteria because it had become infested with sparrows. You wouldn't believe the mass they made roosting in the Wisteria. It was an every day job just to clean up after them so we decided to put a metal roof on and remove the Wisteria.
Now there is not one place on the roof that a sparrow can nest or roost